Answers to Some Common Questions:

Our typical turnaround time is two business days, although we do our best to deliver your videos even quicker than that.

Once registered, you will log in to your Account Dashboard and provide a link to your video (through hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.) via the Submit Video tab.

Sermon Snaps are 30-60 second social sermon videos delivered in 1080p HD in square (1080px x 1080px) and vertical formats (1080px x 1920px) for use across multiple social platforms.

Each week, you’ll complete a short video submission form where you or someone from your team will get to tell us the exact moments you want to highlight from your message by providing specific “in & out” time markers for each 60-second clip (i.e. 2:00-2:30, 10:45-10:55, 20:10-20:20 based on your video’s counter).

If you prefer to have a more done-for-you service and skip having to curate your clips, take advantage of our Pastor-On-Deck (P.O.D.) Service. This feature gives you access to a dedicated pastor who will watch your messages every week and select the most powerful moments to share in your social sermon video.

Our Starter and Deluxe packages provide simple, license-free graphic/animated frames, which means they can be used for multiple clients simultaneously. Our Premier and Pro packages offer custom animated frames unique to your church, and no one else.

If desired, you may submit your own artwork to integrate into your Sermon Snaps video in the Premier, Pro, Premier + P.O.D., Pro + P.O.D packages. (you must own the rights to the artwork and assume any copyright risk if encountered).

Audio tracks are included in each of our packages.

If desired, you may submit your own audio track to use in your Sermon Snaps video in the Premier, Pro, Premier + P.O.D., Pro + P.O.D. packages. (you must own the rights to the audio file and assume any copyright risk if encountered).

We could go on for hours on this question, but in short, we have thoughtfully considered our years of experience within the church, feedback from pastors and church leaders, and the data we’ve discovered about social media and the Church to create this service. However, as necessary in digital marketing, we will continually strive to enhance our service as needed to provide a product that maximizes its potential and serves our clients’ needs in the best ways possible.

If there is an error or glitch in your final video, we will absolutely correct any mistakes made! If you are wanting to make a change based on a personal preference, we usually do not offer revisions in that case. However, we do want to hear your feedback so that we can make your videos better for the next week. Providing you with a first-class service and product is our number one goal!

There’s no minimum contract on any memberships; you can cancel at any time! However, we hope that once you see the impact these videos can make, you’ll want to keep that momentum going!

A credit card of your choice is charged upon registration. Your first month has a 25% discount giving you your first week of videos free. After that, your account is billed the full amount as an auto-draft on the same day every month. This process helps ensure no interruptions in your service as well as keeps your team from having to manage payments monthly.

There is no specific deadline day that you must have your video to us each week, although the sooner, the better. Sometimes we can accommodate rolling videos over into the next week, but we cannot guarantee that and handle these situations on a case-by-case basis.

Of course! Our service works for traveling speakers, authors and other communicators just as well.

Absolutely! We’re happy to use whichever sermon video you provide. Maybe you have a guest speaker coming or would like to promote an older message to prepare for a new series coming up.

Unfortunately, we have not expanded this service in other languages yet, but we are exploring it for the future.

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