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As church creatives and active members of our local churches, we are continually asking ourselves, “How can we help the Church further reach people with the love of God in an increasingly digital culture?”

Even though devices and social platforms have presented unique obstacles to relationships as we’ve known them, we have also come to recognize the tremendous extension of reach the Church has been given. Now more than ever, we’re convinced that the Church has the enormous opportunity to reach people¬†digitally for Jesus beyond the Sunday service.

We’ve worked hard to create Sermon Snaps for pastors, church leaders, traveling speakers, authors and more. Knowing that your schedules are packed wearing many hats, Sermon Snaps is a simple service that delivers game-changing recap videos without adding more to your plate.

It’s evident to you and us (and everyone else) that video rules the social media world in impact and engagement, but we don’t want to stop there. We want to go deeper than that! We create high-quality, powerfully appealing videos that encourage a user to stop scrolling and encounter the life-giving message of the Gospel tangibly. We want to go beyond numbers and help you change lives!

Let’s put the power of video to work to expand the reach and enhance the impact of your messages beyond your four walls. You spend a significant amount of time on your sermon every week that only gets heard by people attending a service for 30 minutes on a Sunday. We want to help you share your messages online to be heard on any day at any time in any location. That’s the power of Sermon Snaps!

We’d be thrilled to partner with you to make a difference!

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